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Sit back, put the kettle on, and take a look at our latest retail resources. 


Technology + Perspective + Strategy

Loyalty: What's next?

July 01, 2023
How to deliver a tier one loyalty experience as a tier two retailer – and why it’s more important than ever.
Technology + Perspective + Strategy

Mobile self-scan: Unleashing the power in your customers' pockets

June 30, 2023
Why empowering customers to use their own devices to scan and shop will help build customer loyalty, boost sales, and reduce costs
Technology + Strategy + Efficiency

Loss Prevention: How to combat shrinkage without huge investment

June 30, 2023
Make shrinkage identification easier – without having to invest heavily in loss prevention teams and systems.


Retail Directions and Vexall bring world-class retail software to South African retailers

Success Stories

Retailability Grey-1

Learn how South African fashion retail giant, Retailability, delivered a 30% increase in despatch rates using auto-diverters in its warehouse, plus drastically reduced shortages through its new scan and receive process.

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Retail Directions provided NOVO with a single platform to assist in developing world-class capabilities across the operation – from e-commerce to warehousing and everything in-between


‘Fashion stationery’ chain kikki.K has made a big impact in Australia. And recently, with opportunities beckoning overseas, the company has successfully moved into offshore markets too.


Betts Group Pty has been manufacturing and retailing shoes for generations. Starting in Western Australia in 1896, the company has grown to become a retail success story with brands such as Betts, Betts Kids and Airflex.


The Cotton On Group has enjoyed a meteoric rise. When they first talked to Retail Directions about systems back in 2005, they had just 53 stores. Today the Group operates more than 1,500 outlets across seven retail brands in 18 countries. The retailer is a quintessential Australian success story.


Six hidden costs of eCommerce

(and how to manage them)

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What our clients are saying

“We have the ability to sell stock today, pick replenishment stock and get it back in store in a really fast time frame.”

Glenn Keast, Senior Executive

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"Retail Directions provided NOVO with a single platform to assist in developing world-class capabilities across the operation – from e-commerce to warehousing and everything in-between."

Ian Unwin, Chairman

“Finally, a solution that we could stay with for the long-term. An excellent system with outstanding support that has provided Cotton On with a reliable and agile IT base which has enabled the rapid growth of the business. If you are looking for a new retail system – look no further.”

Ash Hardwick, Director

“With so many new stores opening, it was important for us to choose a foolproof, low-maintenance retail management system that would grow with us.”

Paul Lacy, CEO

“We have chosen the right company to help realise our growth plans. There aren’t many system providers in the market that could say they have been on a journey with a business from one brand, one country and 50 stores to seven brands, 18 countries and 1,500 stores – all on a single system. And, we’re not done yet.”

Peter Johnson, CEO

“We have deployed a number of systems over the years but we always had issues with integration. The other problem was when vendors made big promises but never delivered. After trying a few different vendors we thought, ‘There’s got to be a better way.”

Robert Knyn, Business Systems Manager

Retailability Grey-1
"Retail Directions has already made a real difference to our warehouse environment."

Steve Pearson, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics