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Talking Shop with Retail Directions

The podcast for retail leaders that want to make retail easier.

Welcome to the Talking Shop with Retail Directions Podcast

The podcast for retail leaders that want to make retail easier.  

Through this podcast, we will bring you insights into the latest trends, ideas, and coal-face stories from experts in the ever-changing field of retail.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our guests. And if you would like to join us as a guest to share insights with your fellow retail peers, then don't hesitate to get in touch.


Episode 2

Phoenix from the Ashes: How Retailability transformed its supply chain in the face of adversity

Adrian Smith and Steve Pearson, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics at Retailability

Episode 1

Welcome to Talking Shop with Retail Directions

Say hello to our new podcast with Polly Lambert, Head of Global Marketing at Retail Directions


What our clients are saying

“We have the ability to sell stock today, pick replenishment stock and get it back in store in a really fast time frame.”

Glenn Keast, Senior Executive

novo logo
"Retail Directions provided NOVO with a single platform to assist in developing world-class capabilities across the operation – from e-commerce to warehousing and everything in-between."

Ian Unwin, Chairman

“Finally, a solution that we could stay with for the long-term. An excellent system with outstanding support that has provided Cotton On with a reliable and agile IT base which has enabled the rapid growth of the business. If you are looking for a new retail system – look no further.”

Ash Hardwick, Director

“With so many new stores opening, it was important for us to choose a foolproof, low-maintenance retail management system that would grow with us.”

Paul Lacy, CEO

“We have chosen the right company to help realise our growth plans. There aren’t many system providers in the market that could say they have been on a journey with a business from one brand, one country and 50 stores to seven brands, 18 countries and 1,500 stores – all on a single system. And, we’re not done yet.”

Peter Johnson, CEO

“We have deployed a number of systems over the years but we always had issues with integration. The other problem was when vendors made big promises but never delivered. After trying a few different vendors we thought, ‘There’s got to be a better way.”

Robert Knyn, Business Systems Manager

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"Retail Directions has already made a real difference to our warehouse environment."

Steve Pearson, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics

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