The selling functionality within Retail Directions’ consumer-centric Platform has been designed to help retailers meet the growing demands of the modern, tech-enabled customer.

The Platform supports omni-channel natively, due to its superior retail-specific architecture. Using database-level, enterprise-wide integration, it provides complete visibility of all aspects of your retail operation, in real-time, through all channels.

Using the Retail Directions Platform, you can sell anywhere, fulfil from anywhere, and deliver anywhere. Specifically, you can:

  1. Empower your store team with data-driven customer insights, so they can better engage with the customers.
  2. Sell over the counter, online, and across channels, using transactions such as Click & Collect and Save-the-Sale (aka Endless Aisle).
  3. Achieve 360-degree visibility of customer transactions between channels, including the ability for goods bought online to be returned to a brick and mortar store, against the original purchase.
  4. Take advantage of the identical view in every channel of all data related to customer engagement, including product information, customer details, pending and past orders, stock availability, gift cards, prices, promotions and loyalty entitlements. A single of view of the customer is no longer enough – retailers need a single, real-time view of all product and customer-related information.

Connected Retailing

The Retail Directions Platform supports full cross-channel customer service. In addition to traditional eCommerce and bricks & mortar purchases, customers can also buy across channels. They can make a purchase online and collect the stock in-store (Click & Collect).

Similarly, the system also allows store staff to sell items via POS which are not on hand in the store and use the Web web fulfilment system to deliver the stock to the customers.

This type of service is known as Customer Order Express, Endless Aisle, or Save-the-Sale.

It’s important to note that The the Platform supports cross-channel fulfilment without the need for multiple systems and the related extensive integration.

In Store - Point of Sale

Bricks-and-mortar stores continue to handle the vast majority of sales in most retail businesses, so highly-reliable and efficient Point of Sale remains a critical requirement in every retail system. Retail Directions’ Store Management System (SMS) is a recognised leader in this space, handling extensive POS functions as well as store back-end operations including reporting, drawer reconciliations, banking, petty cash management, stock control, stock transfers, messaging, and time in attendance. But, there is more to SMS than just great functionality.


Human Engineering (ergonomics) principles drove the development of the SMS User Interface, practically eliminating the need to train cashiers and removing computer management functions such as backups or end of day processing. Smooth customer experience, ease of use, and consistent high speed are the common themes prevalent in our clients’ feedback.

Mission-critical redundancy

Our clients also tell us that SMS is rock-solid. Retail Directions’ store systems operate independently, sheltering stores from the unavoidable interruptions and delays inherent in communication networks and remote servers. This unprecedented consistency of operations and user experience are particularly critical during peak trading periods – when customer numbers skyrocket and networks slow down.


In addition to stationary POS, store staff can also use mobile wireless terminals, running under iOS on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, as well under Windows CE and on Windows Tablets. Integrated seamlessly with Retail Directions SMS, these tools give store teams extra mobility and queue-busting power, increasing staff productivity and enhancing the customer experience. Our mobile store application supports selling, product and customer enquiries, as well as stock transactions – including stock takes.

Growth enabler

The Retail Directions Platform provides retailers with unique scalability. A single system can support a mix of retail brands, running multiple countries under different tax regimes, using a range of currencies and languages, managing thousands of stores with hundreds of thousands of SKUs – all using a single, shared database.

Online - eCommerce and CMS

As digital commerce evolved and become an integral facet of modern retailing, Retail Directions has supported our clients in this space by adding powerful eCommerce facilities to our retail Platform, in line with our single source of truth philosophy.

Seamless cross-channel selling

While the Retail Directions Platform can be linked with most eCommerce systems available on the market, retailers who adopt our native Web Shop front-end have benefited immensely from a direct, real-time connection to the rest of the Platform, providing unprecedented flexibility and omni-channel reach.

The benefits of Retail Directions eCommerce include live access to all data (including transactions which took place in brick and mortar stores), cross-channel gift cards, cross-channel loyalty schemes, promotions shared with POS, single view of live inventory, seamless cross-channel fulfilment and a single view of the customer – all in real-time.

Total control over your content

In addition, Retail Directions’ Content Management System (CMS) gives users total control over live and UAT web shop environments for desktop and mobile versions. No middleware or third parties are needed – users can alter the appearance and behaviour of web shops themselves, in real-time and if required, well in advance. This saves time, money and effort.

Here are a few examples of the Retail Directions Web Shop in action: