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Made easier.

One Platform. Endless Possibilities.

Your retail management platform for Unified Commerce. Providing a single source of the truth, as it happens, across your entire retail business - online and in store.

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Make retail easier with Retail Directions

Your unified retail management platform - ergonomically designed around a single integrated database architecture.


Discover, Sell, Plan, Manage, and Engage. Easily.

We help retailers around the world to deliver amazing unified commerce driven customer experiences more efficiently and at the lowest cost.

Our world-class unified retail management platform is ergonomically designed around a single integrated database, within a high-throughput and high-availability  architecture.

Make it easier for your teams to deliver amazing customer experiences for customers and staff, seamlessly across your retail ecosystem, and to grow your business with ease with Retail Directions.

What do you want to make easier?

Implement seamless Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce sounds awesome, but how do you deliver such capabilities in practice? We can help you connect your online and brick-and-mortar operations with ease using our Unified Commerce platform. Unify stock inventories and customer data across your retail channels, enabling your customers to order, collect, and receive their goods anywhere they choose.

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Click & Collect, Click & Parcel Collect, Ship from Store, Endless Aisle, Short Ship, and Store to Door

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Enable movable and mobile POS

Forget queues. Forget customer friction. Transform in-store experiences for both your customers and staff with our fully integrated Store Management Solution. Available for counter, movable, and mobile POS devices plus mobile self-scan technology to help your staff delight customers where you want, how you want, when you want. 


Counter POS, Mobile POS, Movable POS, Mobile Self-Scan, and Pop-Up POS

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Manage omni-channel loyalty and promotions

With disparate sets of data, it can be painful to implement and manage loyalty and promotion programmes across channels. Whatever your marketing mix or engagement strategy, the Retail Directions unified Customer Database and Loyalty System helps you manage customer activities across all channels as they happen, making it simpler for you to deliver amazing customer experiences that drive engagement.

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Personalised Offers, Promotions, Discounts, Loyalty Vouchers, Points, Electronic Gift Cards

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Manage global retail operations

Complex tax regulations, combined with multiple currencies, pricing, and languages - managing international retail operations can be a minefield. The Retail Directions platform makes it easier for you to manage and scale your global retail business by simplifying the management of inter-country differences in price, tax, or language.

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Multi-country pricing, taxes, and languages

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Connect disparate data from across channels

Forget having to rely on your gut instinct whilst you wait for reports and try to decipher confusing data. You need to know exactly what is happening, when and where, across your retail ecosystem. Our Retail Directions Analytics solution provides you with actionable insights as they happen across your channels. Giving you the power to respond with knowledge and agility.

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Omni-channel insights, live sales tracking, management information, loss prevention, business intelligence

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Trusted by leading global retailers across 40 countries


Our clients embrace an integrated and open approach to retailing that simplifies operations and provides a platform for growth.

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Six hidden costs of eCommerce

(and how to manage them)

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Download this FREE eBook and discover how to identify the unexpected costs of eCommerce and gain top tips to help you predict and model your retail mix for a healthy future.


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Retail. We simply don't do anything else

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30 years retail experience
Credibility Icons_Countries
Installed in 40 countries
Credibility Icons_POS Terminals20
20K POS terminals installed globally
Credibility Icons_Largest Chain
Largest chain with 3.5K lanes
Credibility Icons_Trusted
Trusted by over 50 retailers globally
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100% retail focus

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Don't take our word for it

"If you are looking for a new retail system – look no further.” Ash Hardwick, Owner at Cotton On Group

Cotton On is a multi-brand, global retailer with high transaction volumes. It needs its core system to handle transactions reliably and at a high speed.

The superior architecture of the Retail Directions Platform delivers the transactional strength required to keep Cotton On Group’s global 24/7 operations running smoothly.

Our client story

What our clients are saying

“We have the ability to sell stock today, pick replenishment stock and get it back in store in a really fast time frame.”

Glenn Keast, Senior Executive

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"Retail Directions provided NOVO with a single platform to assist in developing world-class capabilities across the operation – from e-commerce to warehousing and everything in-between."

Ian Unwin, Chairman

“Finally, a solution that we could stay with for the long-term. An excellent system with outstanding support that has provided Cotton On with a reliable and agile IT base which has enabled the rapid growth of the business. If you are looking for a new retail system – look no further.”

Ash Hardwick, Director

“With so many new stores opening, it was important for us to choose a foolproof, low-maintenance retail management system that would grow with us.”

Paul Lacy, CEO

“We have chosen the right company to help realise our growth plans. There aren’t many system providers in the market that could say they have been on a journey with a business from one brand, one country and 50 stores to seven brands, 18 countries and 1,500 stores – all on a single system. And, we’re not done yet.”

Peter Johnson, CEO

“We have deployed a number of systems over the years but we always had issues with integration. The other problem was when vendors made big promises but never delivered. After trying a few different vendors we thought, ‘There’s got to be a better way.”

Robert Knyn, Business Systems Manager

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"Retail Directions has already made a real difference to our warehouse environment."

Steve Pearson, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics

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