Retail Directions implementation time is commonly 1,500 hours which means 10% of the cost. Our Competitors implementation time is commonly 20,000 to 30,000 hours.
Channel Fusion Today!

Today's customers expect to deal with a retailer as a single organisation, rather than with separate Web and store-based businesses.
They expect to be able to buy in a store, over the Web or over the phone. Then they may wish to pick up the goods or get them delivered (from a warehouse or from a store).
If they then want to return the goods, they should be able to do this at the nearest shop or through the post.
If they buy a gift card, it should work in the Web shop and in the stores.
All this sounds logical, obvious and easy, but it is surprising how many retail systems just cannot deliver this...

But, those retailers who use Retail Directions systems can provide the full omni-channel shopping experience for their customers now.