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Press Release

The evolution of retail 2.0 in Australia

Justin Cohen
Head of Marketing & Enablement
February 27, 2018

Press Release

Consumers increasingly switch between both online, physical and even virtual platforms during their shopping journey. Retailers now have no option but to move to Retail 2.0 – fast.

MELBOURNE, Tuesday 27 February, 2018: Australia’s leading retail software company Retail Directions will map out the next generation of Retail 2.0 in Australia at Mumbrella’s Retail Marketing Summit in Sydney this week.

Managing Director, Andrew Gorecki will explain how the digital explosion created the need for an enterprise-wide omni-channel system, that pushes to change the retail scene as we know it.  It also requires deep internal transformation within retail organisations.

Andrew says, “It’s a pivotal time for this kind of close self-examination in Australian retail. The rules are being rewritten in the industry. So, should we start planning for the end of retail as we know it? Highly likely.”

Enter Retail 2.0 

The demand by customers to shop when, where and how they want has seen the rise of new channels, formats and operating models. But, it would be a mistake to think that customers have simply started to demand more.  As a consequence of the proliferation of exponential technologies, retailers must now engage with a new generation of customers – Humans 2.0

Retailers in Australia need to address the next generation of customers’ desire for experience and brand connection, but on their own, new terms.  This means different engagement models and different methods of operations across the retail enterprise.  It means Retail 2.0.

With the rise of the connected consumer, Retail 2.0 starts with different thinking around sales and marketing, to create enhanced, digital customer engagement. New approaches to bond with consumers include offering seamlessly integrated retail shopping and buying experiences, irrespective of channel in which the consumers interact.

Andrew says, “Retail 2.0 is about tackling the future of retail in Australia head-on.  It’s also about coming up with new enhancements to the shopping experience, supply chain initiatives and shifts in channel strategy, and the broader customer value proposition to remain relevant.

“With evolving competition, technological advances, and increasingly empowered consumers, retailers must adopt new retail models and update their marketing and distribution channels.”

Implementing omni-channel marketing and sales strategies enables retailers to move to a more customer-centric retail model, focused on creating a more direct relationship with the customer.

“Digital omni-channel platforms will not only complement the physical shopping ecosystem, but also help to create a seamless customer experience.

“Great customer experience will come from blending technology with a more personalised touch. Retailers that can combine technology-powered personalisation in an omni-channel environment will be winners,” says Andrew.

Retailers in Australia have to evolve so they can move towards delivering a more convenient, accessible, engaging and personalised experience for their customers, working in the cyberspace, but also by taking advantage of their existing brick and mortar base.

The current retail model will need to change so other supporting channels such as e-tailing and bricks and mortar can align closely, share customer and sales data, and stay relevant to the needs of the digitally engaged customer.

“As consumers continue to demand a consistent shopping experience, omni-channel strategies will be hugely successful at building a 21st century retail experience in Australia. Retailers that do not adapt to the changing shopping landscape risk falling behind,” concludes Andrew.



Interview Requests

For an interview with Andrew Gorecki, MD of Retail Directions, call Sandra Aloi, 0417 894 115.

About Retail Directions

Retail Directions’ consumer-centric selling platform helps modern retailers realise their business potential.

The platform’s extensive omni-channel selling capabilities are supported by a range of operational modules – merchandise management, inventory control, advanced logistics, promotions, and customer loyalty – to seamlessly bring all areas of your business into harmony with selling.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been working with some of the world’s best-loved retail brands. Our clients include retailers such as The Body Shop, Cotton On, The Just Group, Harris Scarfe, Rodd and Gunn, Betts, Bras ‘N Things, Sheridan, Nike and kikki.K.

Our software operates in more than 30 countries supporting multiple languages, currencies, and tax jurisdictions.

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About the Mumbrella Retail Marketing Summit

The Mumbrella Retail Marketing Summit will take place on February 28 at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth. The Forum will provide an in-depth look at what retail and FMCG marketers need to do to prepare for the next wave of digital disruption, along with a stream dedicated to looking at the future of the customer journey cycle.

From personalising customer experiences to driving customers to stores via experiences and the impact of voice assistants on consumers, the forum will deliver the weaponry to improve business, and marketing outcomes.

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About the author

Justin Cohen has been working in marketing and media for the last 15 years, mostly in the digital space. He has augmented his journalist studies with extensive travel, giving him unique insights into commercial and social spheres of life. Justin looks after Retail Directions’ marketing direction, brand positioning, digital content and community. He is highly respected by his audiences, colleagues and the senior team at Retail Directions.

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