What’s the prescription for operational efficiency?

Quality Pharmacy Group operates in the continually evolving healthcare sector. With customer welfare a priority, the business needed to find an all-embracing technology Platform that could help the business operate more efficiently while providing excellent service to customers.

They found the answer in Retail Directions’ system.

Growing a healthy business.

Retail Directions provided a modern retail management system to give Quality Pharmacy Group access to advanced retail technology. The Platform covers POS, Head Office system, and CRM as well as integration with the script management system. It also includes EDI links with pharmaceutical wholesalers.

With such an inclusive view of the entire business, Quality Pharmacy Group was ideally placed to deliver excellent customer service and achieve operational efficiencies. Their fully integrated system can handle prescriptions as well as supply chain management, merchandise management, and customer loyalty.

As a result, the Group is strongly placed to see off the threat from other retailers moving into the health and beauty space.  The strong retail platform also gives the Group extra tools to cope with the progressively less favourable government regulation within the pharmacy sector.

Automating systems to improve margins.

Group CEO Larry Field stressed that the Retail Directions’ IT Platform has provided a definite competitive advantage.

“Since putting Retail Directions’ solutions in place, our gross margins have improved substantially. By automating our systems, we’re also able to redirect staff who were previously doing ordering and replenishment to areas of the business such as customer service.

We’ve received great feedback from customers about this, and have seen a vast improvement in sales and services across all our pharmacies.”

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