Loyalty and Promotions

Creating and maintaining lasting customer relationships sits at the core of omni-channel retailing. Seamless cross-channel fulfilment, combined with highly personalised client experiences, enable retailers to continually renew and strengthen the connection with their customers. To achieve this, retailers need to truly embrace customer centricity – not only as a key business driver, but also as an important guiding principle in the IT area.

The Retail Directions Platform’s consumer-centric selling capabilities are complemented by powerful promotions and loyalty facilities, enriched by a single view of the customer and seamless cross-channel fulfilment.


Loyalty programs are essential to continually collect important customer data, and to entice ever deeper engagement.

A recent study from the Australian Marketing Institute demonstrated that around 55% of customers will buy a product from a brand that has a loyalty program in preference to one that doesn’t.

The Retail Directions Platform includes fully integrated omni-channel loyalty facilities, supporting a variety of loyalty schemes, with multiple membership levels and flexible membership rules.

All loyalty data is visible at point of sale and online in real-time, which means thet that entitlements can be earned and redeemed in any channel. Retail Directions’ loyalty system leverages the powerful omni-channel Promotional Engine that allows the same offers to be available across all channels – digital and physical.


Retail Directions’ Rule-based Promotions Engine delivers almost limitless promotional flexibility in all channels, helping retailers to maximise sales with minimal loss of margin. The promotional facilities are unified across channels, providing consistency of customer engagement unparalleled in other retail systems.

Retail Directions’ Omni-channel Promotions Engine can be used within the stores, in the head office, and online. This guarantees that customers get identical promotional offers and deals, irrespective whether they chose to buy online or in a store.

The Promotions Engine uses rule-based calculations to handle coupons, multi-tier loyalty points, percentage-off promotions, dollars-off promotions, tiered pricing, loyalty-related offers, tender-related discounts, third-party beneficiaries (charities) and more. You can expect that our Platform can execute whatever promotional deal your marketers create.

Single view of the Customer

To be effective, any Customer Management System must have direct access to the combined information about customers and all their transactions – within a single database, in real-time. Our Platform provides a single view of all such data, allowing stores, Head Office and online customers to see and use it. Head Office users can generate qualified customer lists based on customer attributes and their purchase patterns. These lists can then be used to run highly targeted and effective promotional campaigns.