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US retail sales create an upbeat outlook

In Search of Symbiosis: Q&A with Andrew Gorecki

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Retail Directions to Expand its Presence in the UK

August 22, 2019

Global retail solutions software specialist, Retail Directions is expanding its presence in the UK retail technology sector through the appointment of a specialist reseller network and the development of strategic partnerships. Headquartered in Australia, Retail Directions has a worldwide footprint working with many well-known retailers trading in more than 40 countries, including a notable presence […]

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Press Release + Perspective

In Search of Symbiosis: Q&A with Andrew Gorecki

June 17, 2019

As seen on Power Retail.  Power Retail’s Editor, Ally Feiam sat down with Andrew Gorecki, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Retail Directions, to discuss the benefits of finding the equilibrium for retailers, technological headaches and the power of the customer experience. For many omnichannel companies, the focus is pulled purely into e-commerce. Although e-commerce, marketplaces […]

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Client Story + Press Release

How Cotton On is Winning the CX Game

February 20, 2019

Elevating the customer experience (CX) remains a hot topic for retailers in 2019, with many investing in a range of CX programs and tools to keep up with the digitally-empowered consumer across all channels. One prominent retailer leading the way in this domain is the Cotton On Group. Last year it launched ‘Perks’ – a […]

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The evolution of retail 2.0 in Australia

February 27, 2018

Consumers increasingly switch between both online, physical and even virtual platforms during their shopping journey. Retailers now have no option but to move to Retail 2.0 – fast.

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