Analytics & Business Intelligence

Database-level, enterprise-wide integration means that by design the Retail Directions Platform and ERP Business Analytics eradicates interfaces, sheltering retailers from the common architectural gridlock, extra costs and delays caused by so-called ‘best of breed’ systems.

Analysis and data mining in such environment are extremely easy, as all the information is available within a single database. Furthermore, there is no duplication or distortion of data, so common in enterprises that maintain isolated islands of information, desperately trying to keep their corporate data in sync.

Retail Directions’ single source of truth approach is simply a superior way of running a retail business in the fast-moving world of today.

Single Source of Truth

Uniquely in the marketplace, the Retail Directions Platform enables real-time sharing of all omni-channel data, out of the box. Retail Directions delivers a fully integrated retail platform for merchandise management, procurement, supply chain, warehousing, ecommerce, POS, store mobility, promotions, customer loyalty and more – all sharing a single, centralised database.

Yet, at the same time the centralised, live data storage is achieved without making stores dependent on potentially vulnerable data links and remote servers. The store-level parts of the Platform operate independently on each store register, using a smart message queuing mechanism to keep the head office database up-to-date.

Live reporting

The Retail Directions Platform comes with a range of inbuilt enquiry, reporting and analysis tools, allowing users in the office and on the road to view the latest figures. The queries include information about sales, gross profit, customers, products, pricing, promotions, stock, ordering and gift cards, supported by real-time data flows between the Head Office (RMS), executive sales reporting system, brick and mortar stores (SMS), mobile POS (SMSMx) in the stores and Retail Directions’ eCommerce.

Loss prevention

We’ve made it much harder for criminals to commit fraud within retail businesses. The high level of data detail and purity helps in detecting suspicious transactions and patterns, acting as a deterrent. Relying on information unearthed by Retail Directions’ systems, a number of fraud cases have been detected, recovered, and successfully prosecuted.